Karen's Directory Printer

Karen's Directory Printer 5.3

Offers a possibility to print on a drive the names of all the files
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Organizes the list of files by providing the ability to sort the files by name, the creation date, size of the file or last modified date. Basically, it prints the name of every file on a drive, plus other details like the file's size and attributes.

Karen’s Directory printer is a unique printer, which has the ability of printing all the names of each and every file present on the current drive with its last modification’s date and time, size of the file, attributes like hidden or read only or write only, etc. Not only that, the sorting of the files can be done by date created, modified or by size, name, etc.

Karen's Directory Printer can be downloaded for installing directory printer, along with the VB6 Source Code, which is only helpful for the programmers. Visual Basic Runtime v6.0 can be downloaded automatically by Directory printer if necessity arises.

Starting from version 2.0, Karen’s Directory Printer has come to version 5.3.0. In the first version the program printed file attributes. Later on, there had been serious bugs such as crashing in absence of any printers on the system, etc., and after fixing all the sources of troubles finally version 5.3.0 has been released, which gives the option for hiding system, read-only and hidden files to the user.

The application is useful as a whole, but no one can count out the presence of further bugs, which might be unknown presently.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Files can be sorted according to size, name, last modification, etc


  • Needs VB Runtime
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